“Direct2inmate” receives accreditation from UK Ministry of Justice

Direct2inmate, a rehabilitative software solution from Core Systems (NI) Limited has been accredited for use in the secure estate by the UK Ministry of Justice.

The cloud-hosted solution, which is delivered via Wi-Fi enabled tablets for use within prisons and secure environments providing a secure platform for offenders in prison to access information and services for themselves. It provides tools for offenders to rehabilitate and successfully re-enter society through self-motivation.  Applications can include, electronic messaging, restricted internet access, shopping, meal ordering, facility requests and information services.

The platform supports applications to provide offender services such as electronic messaging, submitting requests/forms, e-learning and shop ordering. These can come from Core Systems, third party service providers or be developed internally. The platform also provides offenders access to personal details and financial information, integrating with the prison/offender management system.

Recognising the significance of the company’s accreditation by the UK Ministry of Justice, Patricia O’Hagan, CEO at Core Systems, said:“This is a key milestone for the company, and a fantastic achievement for everyone involved in the project. The project is already generating a huge amount of industry interest – I am excited to see what the next few months bring for Core Systems.”

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