The American Jail Association’s 36th Annual Conference & Jail Expo is now open

Focusing exclusively on local jails and detention facilities The American Jail Association’s 36th Annual Conference and Jail Expo will provide networking opportunities, professional development, and access to emerging jail technologies and products.

Special Topics Saturday and the opening of the exhibition hall was followed by a keynote speech opening the plenary session on Monday morning, by Judge Steven Leifman discussing work he’s done to move people with mental illnesses who have committed low-level offences away from incarceration and toward community-based care. During the week, there will be a full range of workshops and facility tours, alongside a full conference programme and exhibition.

OD Security North America are currently exhibiting their SOTER RS Full Body Security Scanning System at AJA Annual Conference and Jail Expo on Booth No: 907

The SOTER RS offers a modern, efficient alternative to strip searching, utilising proven technology to replace traditional manual procedures. Utilising a fast but thorough scanning process, security personnel can quickly and effectively detect metal, plastic, organic and inorganic contraband, hidden externally or internally. Variable operating modes match detection level to contraband risk.

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