Police in Durham, UK to use AI in Custodial Decisions

Durham Constabulary in the UK are about to launch a new tool using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will allow them to predict whether arrested criminals will go on to re-offend if released on bail, with up to 98 per cent accuracy, helping them to decide whether to remand or release suspects. 

The AI system,  known as (HART) Harm Assessment Risk Tool has been tested by custody officers of the Durham Police Force since 2013

HART was trained to judge the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend using records taken between 2008 and 2012 and the software can then calculate the suspects likelihood of offending once they are released from custody on a low, medium or high risk basis.

The BBC reports that the system has proved itself to be 98 per cent accurate in assessing suspects as low risk suspects, and 88 per cent accurate in flagging high-risk ones, although it is not made clear exactly how this is measured.

“I imagine in the next two to three months we’ll probably make it a live tool to support officers’ decision making,” Urwin told the BBC.

Officers will start to use the system to asses a random sample of cases within the next couple of months.

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