MARSS Announce Middle East Contract For Its RADiRguard Smart Perimeter Surveillance System

MARSS have announced an important contract for its RADiRguard smart perimeter surveillance system. The contract, with an unspecified Middle Eastern Government, is for a critical national infrastructure installation and provides for the protection of a 12km high security perimeter.

RADiRguard is a smart perimeter surveillance system combining multiple sensors and complementary technologies inside a single intelligent unit.

It is the first, all-in-one perimeter surveillance solution, which can reliably detect and classify objects in advance of reaching a perimeter, thanks to its combination of a built-in radar, video imaging and radio frequency detection. It is then able to intelligently classify the threats and issue notifications using its integral behavioural analysis software.

RADiRguard is a cost effective, easy to deploy and scalable solution which can be configured to a wide variety of surveillance scenarios such as; fuel storage facilities, power stations, water treatment plants, nuclear facilities, airports, ports, bridges and high value buildings.

RADiRguard coverage shape and extension is highly adaptable by changing the number and configuration of sensors installed. In a typical configuration, a single RADiRguard unit provides 400m x 100m of coverage along a perimeter wall or fence. The system can detect and track multiple known and unknown objects including humans, animals and vehicles.

The initial detection and tracking is achieved by compact micro-radar. Behavioural algorithms provide the first level of classification. Camera footage is then analysed by Artificial Intelligence for object recognition to provide additional and more precise classification, and this classification is further augmented by analysing GSM/Wi-Fi/VHF signals emitted by object and other intelligence data bases.

This provides a risk level for each tracked object and if the object is deemed a risk then the system automatically notifies security personnel with the exact location and a live video feed supporting interception.

This layered decision hierarchy reduces the instances of false alarms.

RADiRguard operates autonomously 24/7 and is a robust, stand alone, modular and scalable system which is low maintenance and as such is extremely cost effective.

RADiRguard can be integrated into an existing security system or as part of the MARSS NiDAR advanced long-range surveillance system for protecting coastal and land-based critical infrastructure from air, surface and underwater threats.

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