Brazil Drug Trafficker Attempts Prison Escape Disguised as his Daughter

42 year old, Clauvino da Silver, who is currently serving a sentence of 73 years and ten months for drug trafficking was caught on Saturday during visiting hours disguised as his 14 year old daughter, Ana Gabriele Leandro da Silva.

Clauvino da Silver, was wearing a silicone mask, wig, bra, tight pink t-shirt, jeans and flip flops when he was apprehended by prison officials as he attempted to blend in with other visitors leaving B7 gallery of Gabriel Ferreira Castilho Prison complex (Bangu 3)  in Rio de Janerio.

B7 gallery of Bangu 3 houses some of the highest-ranking members of Rio’s largest criminal faction, Comando Vermelho. Criminal gangs often organise highly orchestrated prison escapes.

Da Silva is not new to prison escape, he is one of 31 prisoners who escaped from the Gericinéo Prison Complex in February of 2013 – he was recaptured shortly after.

He has now been placed in a maximum security prison unit and placed under solitary confinement for ten days, after which he may face further disciplinary action.

His daughter has been charged with attempting to help him escape and will be tried in the Special Criminal Court.