Flaming Socks the Latest Way to Smuggle Drugs into Prisons

The “common-or-garden” sock has many uses within the prison community; from being filled with aggregate or heavy objects to make a weapon, to being used to make “hooch” or prison alcohol. 

Now they are being used as part of the latest tactic to smuggle contraband into Irish prisons.

Although not new, the flaming socks sporadic use has had a resurgence at Mountjoy Prison, Dublin.

Contraband is wrapped in flame retardant material, put into a sock, which is doused with petrol and set alight. The sock is thrown over the prison wall and lands on the security netting burning a hole through the security netting inside the prison and lands in the yard.

According to a source of ‘Inepedent.ie’ “Criminals on the outside, who are quite clearly acting on instructions from inmates, pack whatever they are attempting to smuggle – be it drugs, a phone or whatever illegal item. Criminals don’t take long to adapt and now flaming socks are the latest way of getting contraband in.”

The ‘flaming sock’ had originally been used by gangs in the UK, to burn holes in ‘anti-drone’ netting, thereby clearing paths for drones to deliver contraband.

Flaming tennis balls are also finding favour with gangs.