Drugs Being Smuggled Into Prisons Using Mail

Synthetic Narcotics are being smuggled into prisons through the postal system.

Criminals are now able to synthesise drugs using chemical processes which then can be soaked into everyday writing paper which is then mailed to prisoners.  

It was recently reported in the Press & Journal that a single page of A4 paper is worth more than £18,000 to drug gangs.

Each sheet is portioned into small pieces, each no bigger than a postage stamp and sold to prisoners to smoke or vape.

The drug-impregnated paper looks like any ordinary piece of paper, making it very difficult to detect.

Many prisons are now photocopying prisoners mail and keeping the original.

The Associated Press recently reported some federal correctional facilities were now photocopying inmates letters. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons said this was an attempt to stop the smuggling of synthetic narcotics like K-2.