Footage Revealed of Drugs Dropped By Drone Into Dublin Prison

A video of a drone dropping packages of drugs into an Irish prison has appeared on the internet and across Irish media this week.

The video clearly shows the drone dropping parcels of drugs into an exercise yard at Cloverhill Prison, Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, before flying away.

Cloverhll is a closed, medium-security prison for adult males.

The footage obtained by the Irish Daily Star was filmed in May this year, shows the drone hovering over a gathering of prisoners in the yard, before dropping multiple packages of, what has been reported as, cannabis and illegal tablets.

A senior source at the prison has confirmed the footage as legitimate, and that 60 prisoners received *P19 Reports for refusing to leave the yard.

Not all the drugs were recovered.

A small parcel of contraband can be worth up to £20,000 at prison prices.

Well-organised gangs have been using drones to fly contraband, including drugs and mobile phones, into prisons, not just in Ireland, but the world over, leaving prison authorities with the headache of trying to deter drones from entering their airspace.


*P19 Report.
The ‘P19 System’ refers to the disciplinary system in place under the Prisons Act, 2007, which allows Governors to deal with prisoners who have committed breaches of the Prison Rules by imposing sanctions.  These sanction(s) are normally in the format of loss of certain privileges for defined periods of time. At the higher end of the scale, Governors can also reduce remission, which in effect lengthens the period of time a prisoner is required to remain in prison.