Minister of Justice Confirms 75 escapees From Pedro Juan Caballero Penitentiary

Paraguay  –  The Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, clarified that 75 inmates escaped at dawn this Sunday (19.01.2020) from the Pedro Juan Caballero Penitentiary.

Reinforcements of military and police forces are being deployed in that area of ​​the country and an investigation has already been opened by the institution and the Public Ministry.

“From now on we have instructions from the President of the Republic to activate all security protocols, reinforcements were sent to the north, police and military reinforcements and we have already opened an investigation internally and the prosecutor’s office is also doing it, here responsibilities must be determined, ”explained the head of Justice.

In that sense, she said that the escape could not be completed without the help or omission of action by prison staff because of the size of the venture since the tunnel shows that it was a work of weeks and recalled that the security chief, the director of the penitentiary and the superiors on duty.

The minister explained that at this time she asked for the report of how many people were working this weekend in the prison and requested the reports of how many people were asked for reinforcement. “With the penitentiary emergency law, personnel received reinforcement personnel to be able to face this work,” the secretary of state concluded.