Prisoner Caught Smuggling Cellphones and SIM Cards in Abdomen

A Palestinian Security Prisoner was caught attempting to smuggle 11 cellphones and 15 SIM cards into Megiddo Prison, Northern Israel – in his abdomen.

On Sunday 16th February, guards grew suspicious of one prisoner during the intake process of accepting new prisoners.  The prisoner was passed through a metal detector, which confirmed he had foreign objects hidden within his body.

The prisoner was taken to HaEmek Medical Centre in Afula, for an X-ray examination, where the contraband was confirmed to be hidden inside his abdomen.

The prisoner was admitted and a surgical procedure revealed three packages containing 11 cellphones and 15 SIM cards in his lower abdomen.

Following discovery, the prisoner was placed in solitary confinement.

The Israel Prison Service said “attempts to smuggle equipment and cell phones among security detainees, who are arrested for minor offences by security forces are continuous. The detainees risk their lives by carrying packages inside their bodies, which in most cases can cause medical complications that result in death.”