Inmate Accused of Distributing Drug-Laced Postcards in Jail

An inmate currently in the Weber County Jail, Ogden, Utah, USA on federal drug charges is now accused of orchestrating drug-laced postcards to be sent to him, to sell to other inmates in jail.

Joshua Lee Kendall, 34, was charged 20.05.2020 with three counts of drug possession.

In December 2019, Weber County corrections officers discovered Kendall had several postcards addressed to him that “tested positive for opium alkaloids and methamphetamines,”  and that he was “selling strips and/or pieces of these postcards for financial gain” the charges state.

Prosecutors say Kendall made multiple phone calls and sent multiple texts from jail  using his phone and tablet accounts, as well as the phone accounts of other inmates, “to direct and engage with several individuals and orchestrated the movement of money and drugs.

“I have reviewed many phone calls and found evidence of planning, and intent to receive and distribute drugs within the facility. Included with my report is the following evidence: postcards, video visits, ledgers, messages, and phone calls related to drug transactions that have occurred within the Weber County Jail”.  The calls and text messages “discussed how to manufacture the drug-laced postcards, sending the drug-laced postcards to the jail, various amounts of money being placed on inmate Kendall’s account used in the jail, and also to Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal accounts set up by family for inmate Kendall, and individuals that are helping buy drugs and manufacture the postcards being sent, investigators wrote in charging documents.

More than 20 inmates and some of Kendall’s family members and friends were involved in “purchasing/using the drugs being distributed,” the charges state.