Drugs Discovered in Multiple Mail Packages in New York Correctional Facilities

Drugs continue to be seized at a rapid pace from inmate mail as staff discover them during processing in the mailroom.

At Willard Correctional Facility, a drug treatment campus for inmates, staff discovered Suboxone, a prescription drug to treat opioid addiction, in six mailed letters between Monday, May 4 and Monday, May 18. In most instances, the Suboxone was discovered in the form of an orange tint dried into paper inside of a letter or orange strips hidden between sheets of paper.

In two mailed letters received five days apart, the mail was sent to the same inmate from the same address with Suboxone dried into the corners of a sheet a paper.

At Groveland Correctional Facility, a medium-security prison, staff discovered orange strips that tested positive for Suboxone hidden in packages mailed to two inmates.

On Friday, May 8, an officer was processing a package of fruit rolls when he noticed several images inside the box while X‐Raying the package. The package was opened and 20 strips of Suboxone were recovered. The package was mailed from downstate, New York.

On, Wednesday, May 20, an officer noticed several cans of Goya Beans had their labels tampered with. The labels were removed and the officer discovered 40 strips of Suboxone hidden behind the labels. The package was sent from the Rochester area.

All of the drugs were seized as evidence.

“There are no lengths that inmates will not go to right now to smuggle in drugs to facilities.
Packages are coming in daily with all types of alterations to hide drugs. Staff are doing a fantastic job picking up all the different ways people are trying to smuggle drugs into inmates. Just another resounding reason why DOCCS should eliminate packages of food coming in from outside sources and implement the Secure Vendor Program.” – said Mark Deburgomaster, Western Region Vice President. NYSCOBPA (New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevoulent Association, Inc.)