Independent Monitors at HMP Highpoint Raise Concerns About Drugs Coming Into the Prison

The Board recognises the pro-active approach to stopping supplies

In its 2019 annual report published this week, the IMB (Independent Monitoring Boards) at HMP Highpoint notes that on the whole prisoners receive fair treatment at Highpoint and through its leadership the prison has a strong commitment towards the humane treatment of men in its care and the decency agenda.

  • However, there is an ongoing concern that drugs are available in the prison, which impacts on the regime and wellbeing of the population. Staff work hard to disrupt the supply, but without a National Strategy to deal with this it will continue to be a problem
  • The maintenance contract was taken over by GFSL and since then there has been an improvement in the service, but there is still a backlog of works that need carrying out.
  • The Amends programme and rehabilitative culture is a positive initiative that prepares prisoners for release, giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for their environment and work on skills that will help them upon their release.

However, although an increase in staff at the beginning of the year meant that the prisoners have benefitted from having a key worker, by the end of the reporting year this was not always available for all prisoners.

IMB Highpoint Chair, Susan Feary, said:

“ We have raised these concerns with the Governor, the Prison Service and Ministers to address: However we recognise the hard work and dedication of the staff both uniformed and non-uniformed, and the SMT who have worked hard to make Highpoint a safe and positive place to live, their professionalism when dealing with everyday challenges is to be commended”