New Integrated Prison Facility to Enhance Throughcare Rehabilitation and Reintegration Support for Inmates

Selarang Park Complex (SPC), a new integrated development by the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), was officially opened today (22.4.2021) by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law.

As part of SPS’s transformational journey, SPC is designed to provide a rehabilitative environment that leverages technology for greater operational efficiency and effectiveness. It also has the infrastructural capability to support rehabilitation and reintegration programmes, as well as provide vocational training opportunities for over 3,000 inmates and supervisees.

The integrated complex includes a Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) at Institution S1, a Work Release Centre at Institution S2, the Selarang Park Community Supervision Centre (SPCSC), a Prison Link Centre, a Quarantine Centre and the Selarang Halfway House (SHWH). SPC has been fully operational since September 2020.

Greater Collaboration with Community Partners Promotes Offenders’ Successful Reintegration

The housing of in care and aftercare facilities within the same compound highlights SPS’s emphasis on providing throughcare rehabilitation and community corrections, and the co-location of community partners at SPC underscores the integral role they play in the successful reintegration of offenders.

Features such as communal living spaces and easier access to programme facilities by community partners enable inmates and ex-offenders to benefit from the full range of rehabilitation programmes and initiatives available, and receive support in a safe and structured manner at SPC.

Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) will provide employment assistance to inmates and ex-offenders at SPC as well. The new YRSG Employment Assistance Unit, located within SPCSC, provides important employment-related support, such as job matching, to ensure inmates and ex-offenders are gainfully employed following their release.

 A Smart Prison Optimising Operations through Technology

As part of its “Prison Without Guards” strategy, SPS has embarked on various technological initiatives over the years to boost operational efficiency, and to enable prison officers to focus on inmates’ rehabilitation.

SPC is equipped with full Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) coverage, and has deployed the use of smart cameras and advanced video analytics to aid prison officers in detecting irregular behaviour such as fights and responding swiftly.

SPC is also the first SPS facility that leverages Facial Recognition technology to allow inmates and supervisees to have unescorted access within specific and secured zones. CCTV cameras detect inmates’ faces and verify their identities against the prison database. This allows muster checks to be conducted remotely, and complements the physical muster checks.

Minister Shanmugam said: “The Selarang Park Complex signals an important step in the transformation of Prisons. Improvements in infrastructure, coupled with the considered use of technology, will help our officers and our community partners as they help offenders rehabilitate and reintegrate into society.”

SUPT 1A Terence Ong Choon Teck, Superintendent of Institution S1 added: “Inmates face challenges in reintegration, such as maintaining employment and staying away from antisocial peers. Inmates who are motivated to change will benefit the most from the rehabilitation programmes offered to them. SPS will continue to work with our community partners such as halfway houses, volunteers and employers to provide inmates with structured support and supervision to prevent re-offending. By leveraging technology, automation and community support as force multipliers, we will continue to strive for our prisons and DRCs to be the safest and most efficient in the world”.