GFSL Scores a Double Win Across Service Delivery and Customer Accolades

HMP Ford installs new pod accommodation in record time and HMP High Down receives accolade from Governor.

Spread out over acres of open fields, Ford prison in the UK has an operational capacity of 544. However, during the pandemic, this came under pressure to enable new prisoners to self-isolate.

To meet demand, Gov Facilities Services Limited’s (GFSL) site team swiftly demolished 8 billets to make way for new British-made units, or ‘pods’.

A team expertly winched a total of 80 pods weighing 2.5 tonnes each into place on a newly levelled field at Ford. They will shortly re-house 120 prisoners alongside the existing accommodations, comprising a brick-built block with 274 single rooms and two brick built billets.

Demonstrating seamless collaboration between GFSL and HMPPS and external contractors, the project will be complete ahead of deadline this month. It forms part of the Ministry of Justice’s £315 million investment in the next year to improve the estate,

Each of the pods (40 double and 40 single), provides a high standard of accommodation, comprising a bed, desk and chair, WC, washbasin and shower unit – with windows at both ends of the pod.

Project Manager, Terry Coston explains: “This is a vast improvement on the previous accommodation. The prisoners will have much better living conditions, with more comfort, decency and privacy.”

“For example, each prisoner will have their own use of a nearby kitchenette, pin phone room with 5 lines, and laundry.”

HMP Ford Governor Andrew Davy commended GFSL on the work carried out saying: “We’re very impressed with the level of service provided by GFSL on this construction project. We work closely together as a team; I know I can call on GFSL’s team anytime and they’ll go the extra mile.

Meanwhile, HMP High Down Governor, Jo Sims cemented the successful partnership with GFSL by nominating GFSL’s site manager Lee Williams for a merit award during a very challenging year.

“I’m pleased to nominate GFSL’s Lee Williams, who has really impressed us all with his performance as at HMP High Down.”

“His contribution to High Down and his responsive leadership has meant that problems are often averted and troubles do not find their way to my door. Working directly with Lee I’ve found his honest open approach refreshing. Lee has also installed pride into his team which shows in our everyday dealings with them.”