ODSecurity Launches Automatic Contraband Detection Software At ICPA, Florida

ODSecurity, will be launching globally, the next step in contraband detection – THEIA – the only full body scanner with automatic threat recognition software available on the market today, at International Corrections and Prisons Association, in Orlando, Florida, from the 23 – 28 October 2022

THEIA uses complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software, to automatically highlight and identifies anomalies in scan images, which will direct staff to potential contraband, and thereby stopping contraband from entering, and improving the safety of our prison estates.

THEIA is driven by machine learning algorithms. It has been trained on large collections of “negative” body scan images, i.e., images that are free of any contraband. These scans have taught THEIA what a negative scan should look like, and it has learnt therefore to recognise anything that should not be part of a full body scan and highlight the anomaly to the operator. The symbiotic relationship between the operators and THEIA reduces operator error and improves overall safety within our prisons and custodial estates.

An enormous benefit to using the machine learning and AI algorithms that make up THEIA, is the software will continuously improve. The more data THEIA is exposed to, the more it learns, optimizes, and grows in accuracy.

AI and machine learning is being increasingly used in our daily lives and has proven its value in many fields. Utilizing this technology to reduce contraband from entering a facility fits into our core   strategy, to improve safety for inmates, staff, and visitors” Said Joost Deutekom, Marketing Manager ODSecurity. “I look forward to demonstrating the software and showing how this will improve your detection capabilities at ICPA in Florida.”

If you are visiting ICPA come and see a demonstration of Soter and THEIA in action. If you cannot, contact us, and we will arrange for a demonstration online, or put you in touch with one of our global agents.