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ODSecurity  was founded in 1960 as a subsidiary of the famous company Old Delft, for the development and manufacturing of Thorax scanning based on X-ray used for population screening to detect tuberculosis. Between 1960 and 2002, over 20,000 units were installed worldwide.

In 2000 ODSecurity became a privately owned company

In 2003  ODSecurity developed a scanner for security purposes.

In 2005 the first scanner was introduced to the market.  In co-operation with some European airports and Dutch medical radiologists the scanner was significantly improved following a year of intensive use and testing. This scanner was capable of detecting all kinds of hidden objects inside the human body, in personal cavities and even ingested items inside the body.

From 2005 the first units were introduced to the market and were sold to the UK, Mexico and the United Nations and in November 2006 the Soter RS was introduced to the market as a low dosage body scanner for security applications. Since then Soter RS Body Scanner is sold all over the world.

ODSecurity is ISO 9001 certified and has intensive partnerships with research institutes and specialised companies.

The main objective for ODSecurity is to constantly improve the technology and always look for better solutions through sophisticated use of high tech features.